Top 10 Disney Songs

Upon request by Brent Johnson, here are my Top 10 Disney songs. It started out as a top 5, but I couldn’t do it… need 10 spots. People like to say “they don’t make them like they used to” all the time, but that for sure holds true with Disney animated movies. The new Pixar ones are great, but there’s one thing they are lacking: MUSIC. Toy Story 3 has great music, but none of the characters bust out in song anymore.  I’ll take ye back to the good ol’ days with flying carpets, blue-butted-baboons and, of course, cross dressing.

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10. You’ll Be in My HeartTarzan

An Oscar winning song coming in at number 10. This is how just amazing this list is. I did not see all of Tarzan (I know, I know), but this song is definitely worthy of recognition.

9. Under the SeaLittle Mermaid

You can’t help singing along to this song. Ursula is one of the most evil Disney villans, and all the characters round out this movie to make it a true classic. All it needs is a winning tune and here it is, taking home the Oscar for best song (beating out Kiss the Girl) and helping the flick win best overall score.

8. Hakuna MatataLion King

It ain’t no passing craze, and 15 years later they were right. This Oscar nominated tune is the ultimate feel good Disney song rounding out my favorite Disney movie.

7. Colors of The WindPocahontas

It was a toss up between this one and “Just Around the River Bend,” but I have to go with colors. I watched this movie so much as a kid and could possibly be my biggest guilty pleasure today. It took home best overall music at the Oscars while this captured best song.  This movie is so much better than the 2009 3D re-make by James Cameron.

6. A Whole New World – Aladdin

Although I probably watched the second sequel “King of Thieves” more than the original, this song is an absolute classic. Jasmine is by far the hottest Disney princess. Is that weird to say? Anyway, Aladdin is a lucky dude.

You have to watch this video. Amazing. Home boy sings both Aladdin and Jasmines part perfectly.

5. I’ll Make a Man Out of YouMulan

This is the cross-dressing reference, if you didn’t already get it. Mulan was a decent movie. It is the typical story of a girl dressing as a guy to compete with the boys (Motocrossed, She’s the Man), but then again, most Disney stories can be considered typical. The fact is when Disney does it, they do it better than anyone. And the music just adds to the magic. The movie was nominated for best music in 1999 (surprise, surprise). This song makes me want to jump on the hockey rink and hit someone.

4. Can You Feel the Love TonightLion King

I actually feel horrible putting this so low, but the quality of this list is just that good. It took home the Oscar for best song in 1994. If I found my long lost love in a jungle and was about to go steal my kingdom back from my evil deformed uncle, this song would be playing. This is such a beautiful scene and the whole movie seems more like poetry in motion. Be sure to watch the video link, it’s an actual music video with Elton and all.

3.Strangers Like Me – Tarzan

Okay, so I’ve only seen half of this movie. But Phil Collins voice just screams drama and inspiration. Tarzan won the Academy Award for best song in 2000. It was for You’ll Be in My Heart, not this one, but I like this one better. Really makes me think about life and the meaning of it. Aren’t we all just strangers?

2. Go the DistanceHercules

Maybe my second favorite Disney movie, Hercules, is often overlooked. This movie had it all: good music (this one, Zero to Hero, I Won’t Say I’m in Love), amazing plot line, great character development, and a 3 headed monster. Yet again, this song was nominated for best song at the 1997 Oscars. If you think “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” is inspiring, try this one. I just applied for 4 internships after listening to it.

1. Circle of Life – The Lion King

Every time you hear this song, you picture the African sun coming up beyond the horizon. You can’t help it. Elton John is the perfect person to do this soundtrack. Circle, Can You Feel the Love Tonight, and Hakuna Matata were all nominated in 1995 for best song. Of course my number 4 won it, along with the film taking home best overall music.  This is the ultimate Disney song in the ultimate Disney movie. I can listen to the soundtrack and feel the intensity of every scene. This movie still holds up after 15 years. It’s easily my favorite Disney movie, and this song gets me pumped up every single time I watch it.

Makes me want to throw it all away and move to Congo.

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So there you have it. Agree or not (you probably don’t), this is what I think I think.


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