Study Abroad Round Up

So now that I am back from studying in Ireland for 2 months, here’s a quick recap.  This is going to be my last feature on my TravelBlog, so I figured I’d do the same on my everyday blog.  Here’s all the figures I can think of when it comes to my time abroad.

16 million. Population of Chile. The answer to the tie braking trivia question to decide who wins second place and a free pitcher of beer at the Headline Bar on Thursday. Max Powell guessed 15 million. Victory (or second) is ours. An amazing accomplishment considering a lot of the questions were Ireland related.

12, 633. Miles traveled (estimated from my TravelBlog).

6,015. My spot in the queue line in Wimbledon after arriving at 7am. Capacity is 8,000. Success.

1,500. Millilitres in a wine bottle consumed by 3 of us at Trevi Fountain in Rome. At a mere cost of 4 euro.

119.5. Seconds it take for a Guinness Stout to settle. According to the Guinness tour.

70. Total days away from home.

64. Matches played in the World Cup. I watched over half of them.

60. Percent I earned in one of the Pass/Fail classes I took over here. The bare minimum to get credit.

57. Age of “Babraham Lincoln.” A woman who I couldn’t shake away from a bar one night. “Do you want to come back and play with my pussy… cats?” was one line she uttered to me.

>50. Half liters our team of 8 consumed at the best bar I’ve ever been to in Prague.

40. Straight hours without sleep (not counting plane sleep) when visiting Rome.

~35. Different types of beer tasted.

25. New best friends.

16. Days worked at an Irish company.

14. Kebabs eaten

13. Hours straight Danny and I slept in Amsterdam.

13. Flights taken, 8 of them being Ryanair.

12. Cities visited.

10. Weeks in Europe.

10. Euro paid for onsie pajamas at Penny’s

8. Countries visited.

8. Euro paid for cover at Dice’s one night.

7. Spanish soccer players that our group beat at Griffith College.

6. Nicknames Max and I thought up for random people at bars, usually whom were hitting on the girls in our group. Besides Babraham, there was Backpack Dude, Free Rhythm, Finbarr, Grand Theft Undie, and WinkyDink.

5. Time (am) we woke up to go to the Wimbledon Championships.

4. Pizzas eaten in 4 meals “When in Rome.”

3. Stories underground that a private liquor cellar is we visited in Muenchberg, Germany.

3. Time (a.m.) that we had to go to the airport to catch flights to Rome and Edinburgh.

2. New families. The Feins in Muenchberg, and the weekend trip family from the study group.

1. Amazing Summer


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