An Apple a Day…

We are talking about Apple quite a bit in my Marketing 3000 class, from product innovation, to advertising, to brand identification. But where I fit in with the Apple conversation the most is brand loyalty. I get it from my mom, original Mac-addict. I bought her a shirt for one of her birthdays that says “I owned a Mac before it was cool.” No statement is truer.

I’ve always used Apple computers. When I was a kid, my friends would make fun of me for it because I couldn’t play all the cool games. Brand loyalty is a funny thing. I worked for MillerCoors after my senior year of high school, so I rarely drink Bud products (recently turned 21, so I can talk about drinking Mom, it’s okay). Brand loyalty in that aspect can be expected, but what is it about Apple? I can pretty much swear to you right now that I will never ever own another computer that is not a Mac, or another phone that isn’t an iPhone. It’s scary to think about.

Chasing technology sucks. I recently received my 3rd iPhone for my birthday. I got one for senior graduation, then my mom’s 3G when she got a 3GS, now the 4. It’s a weird feeling having what is widely considered the best phone out there. I remember with LG’s and Razr’s how I couldn’t wait for my contract to go up or my phone to break to get a new one. Now this is it. I have it. I think I’m on only my 2nd iPod. The classic white one with the 4 buttons at the top for 8th grade graduation, then a new video some time in high school, maybe my junior year that we got discounted with a new computer purchase.

I can sit here and talk about how much better Apple products are than everything else, which they are, but I think there is more to brand loyalty than enjoying phenomenal products. Is it because these products are what I’ve grown up with and what I’m used to? Maybe. But I think there is seriously some psychological stuff going on here. If Apple fails to improve any of their products in the next 15 years, I will still use them. Only recently has Apple really jumped ahead of the curve. The iPod is less than ten years old, and only after that did the brand leap forward. Any other brand can just as easily take over the mp3 and mobile phone market. The new Droids are pretty freaking sweet. Does that matter? No. I will always use Apple. I admit this. It kinda sucks because it doesn’t matter whose the best, all that matters is that little half-eaten apple on the back of my product. That’s it and that’s all.

I often think about my grandma. When her sewing machine broke, there was literally no way to fix it because they haven’t been making the part for the last 30 years. She was generously given an antique machine to replace it by her friend because she did not want a brand new one. She knew what she had and was comfortable with and there’s no way of talking her into getting a newer fancy one. I’m thankful for everything I have and I try not to take any of it for granted, but it can be difficult to live simply in this world. Heck, right now I’m on my laptop at a coffee shop in Columbia, charging my phone and playing games with friends on it all at the same time. Is the art of language and the written word bng lost w/ all the txtng n speed of society? Some could argue so. Keeping this blog is a nice way for me to try to stay in touch with the written word and language. But sometimes I see younger kids talking back and forth on facebook and I wonder what they think language really is. I heard in some grade schools they stopped teaching kids how to write in cursive. This amazes me. There’s typing classes k-8, and soon enough all the kids will have laptops of their own. Weird to think about how the hand written word is dying faster than the Kansas football team.

So those were pretty random thoughts, but that’s why it’s in the “random thoughts” category.

GameDay Saturday! MIZ


2 thoughts on “An Apple a Day…

  1. So, the same person who makes fun of me for punctuating text messages is complaining about the art of language being lost. Interesting….

    You never stopped to think about the fact that you’re one of the people crucifying those who try to keep it alive?

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