Movie Review: Winter’s Bone

I decided to abandon the 4th part of my 90’s music extravaganza. It’s just been too much. You all get the point.

However, I do need to reveal that my personal favorite song of the 90’s is Nine Days – Story of a Girl. I remember jamming to it on the way to the public pool. Great all around song, and pretty much a one hit wonder for Nine Days, but still as good as they come.

Now onto my post-90’s music life, if there is one: Winter’s Bone. Wow. I’m probably going to use the word chilling about a million times to describe this movie because that’s exactly what it is. Here’s the short IMDb plot summary (don’t worry, I would never spoil endings):

“An unflinching Ozark Mountain girl hacks through dangerous social terrain as she hunts down her drug-dealing father while trying to keep her family intact.”

The cool thing about this movie is that it is set and shot in South Missouri. It might has well have been shot on mars, because I have never experienced anything this hick ever in my life. And a lot of people (especially my St. Louis friends) consider Jeff City to be very very redneck.

The story revealed a meth-dominated Missouri society that I have never experienced. Sure, you hear from plenty of people that we are the meth capital of the country, and others say we are inbred and yada yada yada. Never hit home to me at all. But this movie is a window into that world, and it’s a scary, scary world indeed.

This movie has critics changing their undies. Grand Jury (best picture) Prize at Sundance, 7.7/10 on IMDb, 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, and it was USA Today’s top indie film pick for an Oscar nomination for best picture. That wouldn’t surprise me at all, because of the 10 movie nominations for best picture implemented last year. It seems that this movie is going to be the token indie film that everybody loves and talks about. There is one every single year. Last year it was The Hurt Locker, then years prior it was Slumdog Millionaire (2008), Juno (2007), Little Miss Sunshine (2006), Capote (2005), and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004). All of which either won best picture or got a nomination.

The aspect of this movie that puts it over the top is the acting. Don’t be surprised to find Jennifer Lawrence in the running for best actress… as a 20-year-old. She plays the lead role of 17-year-old Ree Dolly beautifully. Name me one movie in which the lead character is a 17-year-old girl that isn’t a chick flick. I can’t think of one. All around there is great acting in this movie, including John Hawkes as Teardrop. He could be an underdog for best supporting actor come this spring. I never know whether I’m on Teardrop’s side or not, which is an amazing added dimension.

Overall, I give this chilling tale a 9/10. I don’t know whether I’m proud that it’s set and filmed in Missouri or not, but what I do know is YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE. This will definitely be my first DVD purchase since getting Netflix (which is awesome). Top 3 movies of the year so far.

We’ll see where that stands once Coen Brothers’ True Grit comes out in December. Can’t wait!

Agree or not (you probably don’t), this is what I think I think.


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