Relax… Have a Homebrew

I’ve had a few failed hobbies in my day, but you learn from each one. I’m not sure what skateboarding taught me, but I sure did suck at it. My next hobby combines two of my favorite things: cooking and beer.

Saturday, I started my first batch of home brewed beer. If there’s one thing it takes to brew beer, it’s patience. That, and a kit of course, which isn’t cheap. I don’t know how many batches of beer it will take to make my money back, but $45 per batch that makes 5 gallons is pretty cheap beer.

Back to the patience. First you make it, and I won’t bore you with the process. If you really want to know, ask me and I’ll enlighten you. After you make it and put it in the big jug called a caper, it ferments for 2 days then sits for a week. Then you bottle it and age it for around 3 weeks. I have to wait a month to see if my Pale Ale is going to be good or not. I’m so nervous! The book about brewing I bought is very good about calming me down though. At the end of every page it just says “Relax… Just have a homebrew.”

So if you would like to try a bottle of Landwehr Beer, I’d be happy to give you one (only if it’s good though). If you want a little credit for it you can save pop top bottles for me cus I need around 50 per batch!

So stay safe in the snow, and relax… have a homebrew.


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