Talking Politics and Religion

In my quest to find other subjects to blog about besides movies and beer, I find myself just sitting in the new student center at Mizzou catching up on reading and tea. My reading consisted of a book called “Religion in American Politics,” for my Junior seminar religion class. Most of my former religion classes had very interesting books, from “Jesus, the Bible, and Homosexuality” to “Religion and Popular Culture in America,” they usually keep me entertained. This one now is especially interesting because it talkes about the two aspects that people aren’t supposed to talk about, Religion and Politics. And it discusses them together.

Ask the ol’ girlfriend Blair, I love talking about religion. I’ll always remember the late night at Steak ‘n Shake in high school with two Catholic guys vs. two Baptist girls. It was great to finally hear first hand what others believe and good to know you can defend your own faith. There were many “that sounds pretty ridiculous,” but it was all done with an open mind. And in the end, there wasn’t a “winner” in the religious arena, just friends that were glad they could ask questions they’ve always wondered.

Ask the roommates Dan and Evan, political arguments can be tough too. In the end, it did become more of an argument instead of a discussion, and I had to stand up and yell, “One more point each! Then we are done!” And I decided that even though there is a major called Political Science, politics are not an exact science at all. I find politics more difficult to discuss than religion, maybe that’s because I don’t keep up 100% with the news from DC, but who does.

Back to the book for religion class. I just started it, but chapter one is a very good insight to the beginnings of America and how religion has shaped that. Are we a Christian nation? Maybe. Is our government guilty of religious persecution at some point in history? Absolutely. There’s been a lot of change from those beginnings, but I think ultimately we won’t be able to answer a lot of the questions people want to ask. We can discuss those topics though to get a better understanding of America and religion.

Ultimately, we all want the best for America, ourselves, and each other (I hope). There are many ways to get there, but I think communication and discussion are extremely important in knowing what your path is to getting there. So talk it up. Ask me about religion and politics and I’ll be happy to converse.


One thought on “Talking Politics and Religion

  1. Stupendous post today, enjoyed it!

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