RMR: Eric Church – Chief


My first review is going to be of Eric Church’s 2011 album called “Chief.” After getting into country music last in summer 2011, I’ve found that there are two things I look for in a country song: Poetic lyrics, and upbeat rock-style rhythm. “Chief” has a perfect mix of both. The upbeat songs kick your butt, and the slower ones make you cry.

I truly believe we are in a golden age of country music (though I’ve only been a fan for a little over a year). Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Toby Keith, Alan Jackson, etc. are all legends, but their time is running out. Jake Owen, Zac Brown Band, Luke Bryan, and Jason Aldean are all pumping out hit after hit after hit. And they are all magnificent. These young guns are where country music is now and where it’s headed. With “Chief,” Eric Church has forced himself to be mentioned with the above.

You’ll recognize about 3-4 of the hits on there such as “Drink in my Hand,” “Springsteen,” and his newest, “Creepin’,” all very different style of songs that give homage to the versatility Church has. But look further, and you’ll find some of the deepest songs out in country music today.

“Over When it’s Over” is my favorite right now. A song about breaking up with lyrics such as “It’s the first snap of the last straw, where regrets outlast the alcohol.”

I’m going to use this word again, but “I’m Getting Stoned” when compared with “Over When it’s Over” is the epitome of the versatility of Church, because “I’m Getting Stoned” is another break-up song, but very very different. A favorite in our house now, this one is very upbeat and angry as opposed to sad, with the chorus going “She’s got a rock, I’m getting stoned.”

These songs along with a ballad like “Homeboy”, a toe-tapper like “Jack Daniels”, and a rocker like “Keep On”, all add up to an absolutely superb album.

Walk by my house this weekend, and chances you’ll hear one of these songs. Hopefully not too loud, though.

I strongly encourage all to check out this album if they haven’t already. Spotify has it. If you haven’t checked out Spotify yet, get on that right away. Like it or not, it’s what I think I think.


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