A Week Missouri Won’t Forget

Whew. It’s safe to say this has been one of the craziest weeks in Missouri sports history. Everything from unfathomable tragedy, to rape accusations, to almost another tie in pro football. There hasn’t been enough time in the day to discuss everything that has happened in the last week. So I’m going to try to give my brief opinions on everything that happened this week, starting with the least controversial and ending with the most.

David Yost Resigns

David Yost, offensive coordinator for the Mizzou football team resigned today after serving the position for 4 years. He has been under Pinkel for the last 12, and took over the Offensive Coordinator job after Dave Christensen left to become the head coach at Wyoming in 2009. Yost cited “personal reasons,” which could mean anything from health to Pinkel telling him to kindly leave.

I am not super excited about this move, but I’m happy some change is happening. I’ve never had a huge problem with Yost, however, I’m tired of uninspired play calling. The same plays that brought us success in the Big 12 simply do not work in the SEC. I don’t know who we are going to hire, but I have 100% faith in Athletic Director Mike Alden. Hiring Frank Haith turned out to be a genius move, and moving to the SEC was huge as well.

Rams Win in OT

There were so many parallels to the first game against San Fran that ended in a gross ugly tie. Rams kicking and punting won us the game, and Jenoris Jenkins came up with another huge play. We are undefeated in the division, now if we can win a couple more outside the division, we might sneak into the playoffs. Going to be tough though.

Tragedy in KC

We’ve all heard the story by know, but what people may have not heard in the commentary after the Chiefs inspiring win Sunday. Bob Costas decided to use a few minutes of air time as an editorial about gun control. Deadspin accuratley calles it “Sanctimonious Horseshit.” ONE day after the incident and Bob quotes a former Kansas City Star writer who used tragedy to make a political statement.  This writer directly compares the NRA to the KKK. Everybody has their opinion on gun control, but salting the wound on national television was simply the wrong time and place for Costas.

Brady Quinn, on the other hand, had one of the absolute best press conferences ever. Quinn led the Chiefs to only their second win all season, and had the best Chiefs QB performance in recent memory. Instad of pushing a political agenda, he had some lines that made me think about life more than a Tupac song. I wish more people had the perspective amidst this tragedy that he did.

His words are worth hearing over and over.

Quinn took a look at himself and asks what he could have done to prevent it instead of blaming the government or other organization.

Michael Dixon’s Done

Now to the most controversial story of the week, maybe the year for Mizzou fans. Michael Dixon has left the Mizzou Basketball team and is looking to transfer after a second rape accusation came out last week. I honestly thought he was benched this whole time because of grades.

After reading the grossly explicit stories, I’m glad he’s gone. I know there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute, but after reading the quotes he said to this young woman, I don’t want him in my school or even my state. They probably disturbed me more than if he did get convicted of rape. Frankly, what he threatened to do was worse than rape. It may all be heresy  but I still want him gone if there’s a slim chance of it being accurate. I’m not posting links to what I read because I don’t want people to read it. THAT disturbing. Find it online if you want. You know what I’m talking about if you saw it. Glad he’s gone.

Rumor is he’s transferring to Kansas though, which would be very interesting. Too bad they don’t want to play us anymore.

My buddy Thom Griffin apparently has Dixon’s first radio interview Tuesday at 4pm on FM 100.5 KTGR. Should be interesting.

So there’s my probably my most controversial blog post ever. I encourage you after reading my negative nancy Dixon rant to go back and watch Brady Quinn’s press conference again. Truly inspring.

Ram Fan or not, that is what I think I think.


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