St. Louis vs. Kansas City: The Final Argument

I grew up halfway between St. Louis and Kansas City. I went to college halfway between St. Louis and Kansas City. I played hockey in St. Louis in grade school and in Kansas City in high school. I lived in Kansas City for 10 weeks last summer. I’ve lived in St. Louis for 10 weeks now. I am the only person who can settle this argument once and for all.

Let’s get it on.


It may be dying but it’s not going down without a fight. St. Louis still has Wash Ave, the stadium(s), and now ballpark village. Soulard is walking distance (trust me, it is), and I still think the drive downtown seeing the arch is about as pretty of a drive as you’ll see into any downtown. Kansas City’s is small and easier to get around, but just doesn’t have much to get excited about. And who doesn’t enjoy a little St. Louis crime to keep things interesting. Just don’t cross the river. Louie scores first.

(KC 0 – STL 1)


St. Louis has more places and better to go out, but that’s doesn’t necessarily mean it wins. Every time I’ve gone out in Kansas City, I’ve ran into people I know. Some people may not like this but I do. St. Louis has more variety and more cool neighborhoods to go out. It’s got more of the big city feel. Wash Ave and Soulard might as well be a hundred miles away from each other and that’s awesome. Kansas City doesn’t have the P&L advantage (if there is one), now that Ballpark Village is opening in St. Louis. If I’m visitng one city for a weekend, I’d pick St. Louis. I’ve been too busy to explore everywhere here, but Westport wins against Soulard and others. It literally is a continuation of college, and who doesn’t like that? For the time being at least…

Kansas City ties it up.

(KC 1 – STL 1)

Neighborhoods/Places To Live:

This is even tougher because I haven’t lived in either place long, but I had to do this post now to be fair. Here’s my take: Kansas City has awesome diverse neighborhoods of the city. River Market, Art District, Plaza, Westport, Downtown, Waldo… all are awesome and unique. But because St. Louis has the size advantage, it wins. St. Louis is made up of over 80 different municipalities . Before I lived here I had no idea about all of the areas that weren’t downtown or a place with a hockey rink. Pretty much every town has its own personality, its own little downtown, and its own charm. Kansas City is doing great with all its unique areas, but St. Louis has at least three times as many areas.

St. Louis takes the lead.

(KC 1 – STL 2)


I haven’t met everyone in both towns, but because Kansas City does have that small town feel, it gets the advantage here. It may sound crazy, but I also enjoy the amount of kU fans in KC. It makes it feel like the rivalry is still alive. I don’t feel the same pride driving around with a Mizzou sticker in St. Louis as I do in Kansas City. I love all my St. Louis friends to death, but the high school continuation is real.  St. Louis is a great place to live and grow up and come back to. It’s also a great place to move to and start a career. But the fact that certain girls won’t talk to you unless you went to a certain high school is just ridiculous and really says a lot. I’ve never had that happen to me, of course, but I’ve heard multiple times. That just doesn’t happen in KC.

(KC 2 – STL 2)


My jobs were completely different two cities, mainly because it’s tax season now, but I’m not just talking about me. St. Louis is a bigger city with bigger companies and more worldwide HQ’s so there will be more opportunities, but Kansas City has Cerner which employs half of the midwest, or so it seems.

Push.  I know that’s lame but it’s my blog so deal.


St. Louis is a beer town. I don’t care who owns Budweiser or Boulevard or whatever. Boulevard and Schlafly are a push, and St. Louis just simply is a beer town in a way Kansas City isn’t.

St. Louis suds pull ahead.

(KC 2 – STL 3)


I love love love Kansas City BBQ, but the Italian here is real. I’m not even a huge fan of Italian but it’s that good.

Kansas City by a rib.

(KC 3 – STL 3)

Stuff to Do: 

I’m not talking about exhibits at the museums, I’m talking about stuff we actually do. In two weeks we have Mardi Gras and St. Patty’s – two of the biggest parties I’ve ever been a part of. I may be just not be aware, but I can’t think of one event in Kansas City that even comes close. Manhattan, KS has some big parties but you can’t count that KC, sorry. I think there’s some cow festival that’s fun? First Fridays I’ve heard are a good time but none of my friends when I was there made an effort to attend so you don’t get it.

Not just because of Mardi and Patty’s – St. Louis just has the size and wins because of what comes with it (parks, shops, neighborhoods, events, etc.). KC does have the best antique mall I’ve ever been though. Not enough.

(KC 3 – STL 4)


Rams. Duh.

But seriously. I’ve had the downtown vs. suburb stadium discussion many many times, and I simply don’t know the answer. As a Cardinals fan, I think I may enjoy Royals games better because of the tailgating and the low expectations. Idk. And I can’t stand how St. Louis doesn’t stand behind the Rams and the self-anointed “best fans in baseball” crap. I’m trying to be level headed here. I’ve never been to an NFL regular season game, so maybe if I go to a Chiefs game this year it will change. But you have to look at where you would want to be if all Missouri teams sucked and if all Missouri teams dominated. The answer is St. Louis both times. The Blues might tip it East.

Speaking of, HOW BOUT THEM BLUES MY LORD!?!?!?!?!

The Greatest Show on Turf helps seals the victory.

Decision: St. Louis, 5-3.

Right now in my life personally I probably would prefer Kansas City – just because it has the nightlife and people and I have a few more friends there. But if all my randomly picked categories are weighted the same, St. Louis wins. Perhaps solely because of the size but in a bar fight I’m picking the guy who has 30 pounds on the other.  I’ve had a blast in St. Louis so far – even while studying for the CPA and working 60 hours a week. I love living in here now and I don’t see myself moving any time soon.

But if the Rams leave, that all changes.

That’s what I think I think.


One thought on “St. Louis vs. Kansas City: The Final Argument

  1. I’ve always had more fun going out in Kansas City than going out in St. Louis. But then my friends in Kansas City are the going out kind, and the ones in St. Louis are the stay at home kind. But I’ve always preferred the KC. And as someone who has hit most of the museums in both cities–KC wins again. But then, you and I go to different kinds of bars.

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