This Month’s Company I Love: Fortel’s Pizza

It’s tough out there for business these days. Not only is the cost of compliance and taxes through the roof, but most businesses have to deal with the worst people in the world: the general public. If anyone’s worked retail (I consider a bank branch retail), you know. It’s extremely frustrating and some people just plain suck (and smell). I’m sorry. It’s true.

The media is always quick to jump over a business when it does the wrong thing, so I’m going to try (TRY!) to honor a business each month for doing the right thing. Some may be huge corporations, some may be corner shops. I’m just going to give a little shout out to a company I’ve stumbled upon that’s doing it right.

Fortel’s Pizza has a handful of locations around St. Louis and not only is their pizza delicious (I laugh at Imo’s). Their wings are pretty fire too. One is a pitch and putt away from my apartment. I like to go there Sundays and get some ‘za and wind down my weekend.

84942About a month ago my power went out for a few hours on a Sunday but my craving didn’t. I headed over to Fortel’s to find they were still cooking pizza. In the dark. With a flashlight. I only had a little cash and their registers were down but they said they’d still take my Groupon. Well turns out my Groupon was only good for a different location. We discover this after my pizza and wings were already cooked. (I ordered a large specialty pizza and wings to get above the $20 groupon – judge). I offered and IOU or a check, but the dude said don’t worry about it. He just gave me the food for the few bucks I had and said come back and see us. I told him he just made a lifelong customer.

In business and life, (cue cheesy music), you can’t always predict how things are going to play out. When the lights go off, you can either sit there and feel sorry for yourself in the dark, or keep on keepin’ on. Fortel’s could have easily closed their doors when the power went out. Further, they could have not given me food when it became clear I couldn’t pay. I don’t know about the dozen other people that ate pizza there in the dark, but I won’t ever forget the simple kindness I was shown.

Like I said. Life long customer.

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