Quick Thoughts on Furgeson

The militarization of the police, while certainly an issue to discuss, is not the problem in Ferguson.

The problem is that the ones who are supposed to be responsible for keeping the peace are the ones being held responsible, justifiably or not, for disturbing it.

It appears the more cops you send to Ferguson, SWAT gear or no, the more shit’s going to hit the fan. And that’s scary.

If I’m an old lady living in Ferguson, I want the police there. If I’m a police officer that has to be there in the middle of molotov cocktails, bricks, rocks, even alleged gunshots, I want to be prepared. Has it been handled poorly? Yes, but how should it have been handled? Not at all? With open arms? Ideally yes. Realistically, nope. I just don’t know.

I offer no solution other than to try on both sides to stop viewing this as an “us vs. them” war.

All of us can do better with that at times.

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