The Silence of the Rams

I went to my first Rams regular season game yesterday. Of course we lost, but, like always, we played one great half.

It’s a completely new experience actually living in the town where all your teams are based. One of the huge perks is listening to sports talk radio. My favorite show is The Morning After on 920 AM. They had a great section last week with this KC Sports Talk guy who talked shit on St. Louis for a full hour. Give it a listen. Great stuff.

The guys on the show do a great job of covering St. Louis sports, reading mean texts, and generally being angry old men. Usually included is a daily update of whether the Rams are going to LA or not. Up until today I had the same feelings the guys on the show did. Not good.

Why? Silence.

Every time anyone asks the Raiders or the Chargers about moving, they jump in front of the story and say “Absolutely not. We’re staying.” Not so much with the Rams.

The lease for the Ed Jones Dome expires in January, and if the Rams are staying, our owner, Columbia billionaire Stan Kroenke, needs a new stadium.

He’s already bought land in LA. Not good you guys.

But the day after a the 49ers beat the Rams at home on the 15th anniversary celebration of the Greatest Show on Turf, some news broke.

The Post-Dispatch is reporting that there are talks about “a proposal for an open-air stadium along the St. Louis riverfront.”

bobandweave_original_crop_exactCue the Bob ‘n Weave. (Yeah they did this last night. I died.)

We won’t know anything until after the November midterm elections. Why that matters so much when neither the Governor nor the Mayor are up for re-election? I don’t know. It’s politics. Taxpayer funded stadiums for a team that hasn’t won a playoff game in 10 years may be unpopular.

But rumors of talks are better than complete silence.

Either way, the Rams have until February 15 to declare to move. It’s going to be an interesting four months.

I’ll cry either way.


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