About Me

My name is David . I’m a 24-year-old  Accountant in St. Louis. I am from Jefferson City, MO and went to the University of Missouri. I’ve lived pretty much my whole life in Jeff City. In fact, my family has lived in the same neighborhood for 100 years. In this neighborhood now is my 97 year old grandma, 2 uncles and their families, one aunt, and 3 cousins and their families – all within walking distance.

Some of my hobbies include watching movies, cooking, swimming, playing Ping-Pong, tennis, and ice hockey. I love music and I play guitar on occasion too. Favorite type of music is 90’s altern. My favorite food is gyros sandwiches and my home-popped popcorn. I could never watch too much Seinfeld. I could  sit on Wikipedia for hours.