What’s Up Docs?

I’m going to keep on going with the Netflix theme because my life has been consumed with movies. Work, movies, sleep. That’s it. And I love it.

I just bought Netflix for myself. I had been using my parents for streaming purposes, but they got the DVDs by mail. $10 is worth it this summer to get any movie I want in the mail. Plus I get to rate movies with my own profile and then have Netflix make recommendations for me and only me. It recommended Irreversible for me earlier, and at that point I had to have a life evaluation. Definitely the hardest movie to watch EVER. Don’t watch it. Seriously. At all. Worse than Human Centipede. You’re going to go watch it now. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

There are two reasons I love Netflix so much:

1- I get to catch up on movies I should have seen already but haven’t, such as Terminator, Star Wars, Back to the Future, etc.

2- I get to see types of movies I haven’t even heard of and otherwise wouldn’t have been exposed to at all.

And that’s where this blog post is going. Foreign films and documentaries are two of my favorite movie genres and that is all thanks to Netflix. Without the streaming service, I wouldn’t have access to hardly any of the great foreign and docs that I’ve seen. Next time I’ll do my favorite foreign films, but now I’m going to count down my favorite documentaries. Documentaries are real, for the most part. The involve real people and real situations that these people get into. There’s no need to flash “This film is based on actual events.” It’s understood, and awesome.

For my taste, there are two ingredients to an awesome documentary. The first is that it has to be about normal people. The common man. The second is it has to be un-political. I love political documentaries, and I’d say over half of the docs on Netflix are politically driven somehow, but in order for one to really stand out for me it has to leave all that stuff at the door. The political ones are interesting, but I can only take so much negativity. And pretty much all political documentaries involve something that’s bad about society and needs to be changed. But no more stinkin’ thinkin’.  Let’s get started.

All of these I watched on Netflix Instantly. They might not all be on there still, but I’d bet most of them are.

5. Hoop Dreams

Widely regarded as one the best, if not the best, documentary of all time. ‘Hoop Dreams’ is a story about two inner city middle schoolers from Chicago who have the dream to make it to the NBA. It follows them from 8th grade all the way through high school as they pursue their dreams and deal with all the turmoil that comes with it. The best part about this movie is the span of it, how it follows them for over four years of their lives. It’s long: 3 hours. But it doesn’t seem like it. If you’re into sports at all, this is a must see.

4. Exit Through the Gift Shop

Nominated for best documentary this past year at the Oscars, ‘Gift Shop’ has had people talking and arguing for months. Made by the maybe the most famous and certainly the most secretive street artist alive, Banksy, this film has a shift in tone like any other. It’s difficult to discuss at length without giving anything away, but this one will leave you wanting more at the end without a doubt.

3. The Human Experience

No other movie made me want to get up off my ass and do something with my life more than ‘The Human Experience’. This one follows two college age kids who are living in an orphanage in New York. They decide to look far and wide in search of whatever they consider to be the human experience. They start out living on the streets of NYC for a week, then head to South America to a low income school. They end up in Africa at a leper colony. I didn’t know those still existed. It’s tough to say if this movie was motivational or depressing. It was motivational by making we me want to do something with my life, but depressing because all these people they run into seem happier than anyone I’ve met in America, while possessing so much less. It also has the best soundtrack of any movie I’ve heard in awhile.

2. The Cove

An exception to my political rule, this is a film about ‘dolphin genocide’ happening in Japan. Part political commentary, part ‘planet earth’, part action thriller, The Cove has it all. Try to watch it without crying. Completely deserved to win best documentary at the 2010 Oscars.

1. The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

This is probably the most intense documentary about old school video games I have ever seen (joke, because I haven’t seen any but this one). Steve Weibe is a down home high school teacher who happens to be really really good at Donkey Kong. He sends a tape of him beating the record to “the powers the be” on video game record holders. He challenges Billy Mitchell, who in my opinion is alongside Bill the Butcher from “Gangs of New York” as some of the greatest movie villains of all time. He’s so cunning and deceiving, and will stop at nothing to destroy Weibe and claim his reign at the top of the record books for Donkey Kong. I can’t recommend this movie enough. I could watch this film over and over and over and over again and still love it so much. How intense and suspenseful this one is for being a documentary about a video game I care nothing about is what makes this my favorite doc out there.

So there you have it. I’d love for some reccomendations of more obscure documentaries out there. I’m trying to see all I can. Learning from movies can actually be fun, trust me.


90’s Music Superlatives Part 3/4

I know you all have been just chomping at the bit for this amazing 4 part series to continue, so here it is: the best of the best of 90’s music how I see it, Part 3.

Best Artist Who Ran Away from their Past – Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch

Good Vibrations” is what put Mark Wahlberg on the map, but now he just thinks he’s a stud actor and can’t do awesome workout videos anymore.

Best Sounding Female Voice – Natalie Merchant

Mix between Fergie and Jesus – Especially in “Wonder.”

Best Use of the Bucket Hat: New Radicals – You Get What You Give

Great song and great video. I love songs that have a meaning to them. Not only a great beat but a great message.

My Guiltiest Pleasure: No Doubt

Ska is pretty tight and Gwen Stafani is a badass. I may have been caught blasting “Don’t Speak,” or “I’m Just a Girl” a couple of times.

Band I Danced To the Most in My Room: *NSYNC

My buddy and I would do all the dances and watch the concerts on Disney Channel constantly.

Best Band That You Can’t Tell Their Race: OMC – How Bizarre

Latino… who woulda thunkit. Sorry Lou Bega, everybody knew you were latino.

Best Female Sing-a-Long Singer: Paula Cole

I Don’t Wanna Wait.” If you’re not singing, you’re not human.

Band That Rocked the Hardest: Pearl Jam

This video says it all.

Best Band Name: The Presidents of the United States of America

I could have done weirdest songs too for these guys, just listen to “Peaches” or “Lump.”

Best R&B Artist Who Urinated on Little Girls: R. Kelly

Dave Chappelle said it best, but “I Believe I Can Fly” and “World’s Greatest” are still great songs.

VH1’s #1 Song of the 90’s: Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit

Ask Blair Thompson, from the very beginning of my favorite series of all time, VH1’s 100 Greatest Songs of the 90’s, I picked Smells Like Teen Spirit as number one. And was right of course.

Best Lyrics: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Especially in Californication, but really all of their songs are lyrical works of genius. Maybe if Anthony Kiedis wasn’t on heroin and coke for all of the 90’s they wouldn’t be as good, but that can be said for 80% of rockers.

Best British Band: Take That

I didn’t know Robbie Williams was in Take That until a couple of months ago. Now it all makes sense. “Want You Back” was sang straight from the heart, and you can tell. Just a great all around pop band filled with quality 90’s musicians. The fact that Robbie Williams came out of there with an amazing solo career is probably wat put them above these guys:

Honorable Mention: Oasis

Many people would think Oasis to be above Take That, but not in my book. I think they are a little overrated, but still a damn good rock band. And it’s awesome that the two brothers that started it now hate each other.

Best Singer That Makes Me Think of Dead Puppies: Sarah McLauglin

Those commercials killed the songs for me. Now everybody identifies her music as the dead puppy songs. I don’t wanna see that, Sarah. Maybe Michael Vick should have seen this. Watch if you dare.

Best Love Song Band: Savage Garden

Are they gay? Aren’t they? Not sure, but these Aussies are a damn good cheesy love song duo. “Crash and Burn,” “I Want You,” “Truly Madly Deeply,” “To The Moon and Back,” and “I Knew I Loved You” – All just epic. I gotta put all the links there cus they are all so awesome.

Best Singer with a Deformed Face and a Really Hot Wife: Seal

Okay, it’s kind of a specific category, but “Kiss From a Rose” is just as good as it gets. And Seal’s wife, Heidi Klum has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.  Batman Forever is the second best batman movie of all time in my book, and I didn’t even connect the song to it until I saw the video a couple of months ago.

So there it is, the 3rd of 4 parts of my 90’s music extravaganza.

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Agree of not (you probably don’t), That is what I Think I Think.

90’s Music Superlatives Part 2/4

Here it is: My second installment of the best of the best of the 90’s when it comes to music. So just sit back and imagine your mom driving you to the pool with the windows down and the FM radio blasting.

Best Alternative Rock Song: Eve 6 – Inside Out

The rhythm of this song is just fantastic. It flows so well and hits hard, especially at the “NOW I’M THROUGH WITH YOU!” part.

Best Life Reflecting Song: Everlast – What It’s Like

One of the guys from House of Pain (see below) totally reinvented himself with the Whitey Ford Sings The Blues album. Try to listen to the lyrics. Makes you think about how you treat others everyday. That, along with a great voice and great guitar part makes a great 90’s song.

Honorable Mention: The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony

Watch the guy just drill this random girl in the video and not even think twice about it.

Best Song to Wake Up To: Fastball – Out of My Head

Could be considered for above as well, but every time I hear this song it make me want to take nothing for granted and make the most out of every day.

Best Band From a Disney Channel Original Movie: Five

Slam Dunk Da Funk” from the Disney Channel Original Movie, “Smart House.” The kid is chillin’ with his bros waiting for the ladies to arrive to his party and this song comes on. Just quality dancing ensues.

Most Underrated 90’s Alternative Band: Gin Blossoms

Yes, they have many hits from te 90’s. From “Til I Hear It From You,” to “Hey Jealousy,” “Until I Fall Away,” and “Found Out About You.” These guys know how to make a great alternative song. But to this day, I get the feeling that their songs have lasted longer than their name has. Everybody thinks about Matchbox Twenty, Third Eye Blind, and Goo Goo Dolls, and these guys are easily as good if not better than most of these.

Best Song to Put a Tear in Your Eye: Goo Goo Dolls – Iris

Although I haven’t seen City of Angels, which is the movie this song is from, this song doesn’t need video with it to make me cry like a 14-year-old girl at a Backstreet Boys concert.

Honorable Mention: Hootie and the Blowfish – Let Her Cry

I mean when “Cry” is in the title, cue  the waterworks.

Best Irish Artist: House of Pain

Sinead O’Connor and The Cranberries are amazing, but “Jump Around” by House of Pain is still played at every sporting event at least once. It’s a great party feel good song, and although they are a one hit wonder, that one hit brings them to the top of the Wicklow Mountains (irish analogy) for me.

Best Song to Bump in the Car To: Jay-Z – Can I Get A…

My senior year, I just fell in love with this song. It’s really got a great message too, which is: If I wasn’t rich and famous, would you still love me? And the girl’s verse in it is one of the filthiest verses I’ve ever heard.

Best Latino Girl from Queens: J-Lo

Okay, so this is a pretty narrow category, but Jenny from the Block needs to be mentioned. She was HUGE in the 90’s. And I might have had an obsession with her in 8th grade.

Dirtiest Song: Khia – My Neck My Back

No words need to be said about this song. I’m even putting the edited version for the link because I don’t want this blog to be flagged and inappropriate.

Most Eclectic Artist: Kid Rock

First he was rap, then he was rock, then he was a little country, now his last hit is poppy feel good summer time. He’s got more genres then… I have no idea, but he has a lot.

Best Summertime Song: LFO – Summergirls

The best part of this song by far is all the random lines. “Macaulay Culkinn was in Home Alone,” “The great Larry Bird jersey 33,” “Billy Shakespeare wrote a whole lot of sonnets,” “There was a good man named Paul Revere.” I could go on.

Best Song I Never Wanna Hear Again: Los Del Rio – Macarena

HUGE song. GREAT dance. STILL annoying. Not even putting the link up  because that obnoxious beat is already in your head.

Best Chill Song: Marcy Playground – Sex and Candy

“Who is that lounging in my chair?” We’ll never know, but what we do know is this song it AWESOME.

Best Pipes: Mariah Carey

My favorite song is “Always Be My Baby,” but in all of her songs, her singing ability is revealed. I hear she has something like a 6-octave range or something. Wowzers.

So there you have it, the second installment of my 90’s music extravaganza.

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Agree or not (you probably don’t), this is what I think I think.

90’s Music Superlatives Part 1/4

Anybody that know me knows I’m all about the 90’s music. So here I go. The best of the best of the best of 90’s music. I have over 350 songs in my 90’s playlist and probably about 100 artists. I love it all: pop, rap, R&B, rock, especially alternative, and even some country. Some of these you will disagree with. Some of these I disagree with, but I put the band in there because I feel that it is worth mentioning. Here we go.

Best Pop Band: Ace of Base

Starting off with probably the one that people will disagree with the most is the Best Pop Band. Not Backstreet Boys, not *NSYNC, not any other but Ace of Base. I pick them for one reason: pure catchiness. To me that’s what a pop band is all about. Their songs are catchy, but also amazingly meaningful and deep. And they’re Swedish. Here’s one of my favorites, All That She Wants.

Best R&B Group: TLC

TLC had something going. Before Lisa (Left-Eye) Lopes burnt down NFL star Andre Risen’s house and died in a car crash,  they were on top of the world. Lisa wrote numerous TLC classics including Waterfalls and No Scrubs. To this day, everyone knows that a scrub is a sleazy guy, and Left-Eye coined the phrase.

Best Angry Woman: Alanis Morissette

I’m scared of her. Every guy should be. Alanis puts every breath she has into every note and because of it I’m terrified of her. Here’s arguably her angriest song, You Oughta Know.

Best “What the Hell is This?” Song: Baha Men – Who Let The Dogs Out

No explanation can be made for why this song was a hit. To this day it’s still played at numerous sports arenas. Take a catchy Jamaican beat and a nuts question that nobody has had the answer to for over ten years, and there you have it: WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?

Best “Still Got It” Band: Beastie Boys

So many bands can be here, but I think the band that stays truer to original form is the Beastie Boys. Bursting onto the scene with Fight For Your Right, then solidifying there place with Sabotage, we knew they were going to be around for awhile. Their most recent lyrical album, “To the 5 Buroughs” is an amazing CD, and as soon as MCA gets done with chemotherapy they are releasing another.

Best Use of Uncommon Musical Instrument: Blues Traveler’s Harmonica

I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the harmonica, and it’s mostly because of Blues Traveler. This very large man just kills the solo in Hook.

Most Popular Artist: Britney Spears

No question on my mind. She’s been in the tabloids constantly for almost 15 years. Whether she’s going to rehab, shaving her head, getting married (for a few hours) in Vegas, or dominating the charts, she’s there. It’s all because of …Baby One More Time. Probably one of the most famous videos of all time. Everyone can picture the pigtails.

Best Obscure Music: Cake.

They’re awesome. I’ll just give you some lyrics:

Can cut you from their bloated budgets like sharpened knives through chicken McNuggets.

I want a girl with uninterrupted prosperity Who uses a machetti to cut  trough red tape.

That’s just pure genius, as is my favorite Cake song: Never There.

Honorable Mention: Fatboy Slim – The Rockafellar Skank.

Best Diva: Celine Dion

Her songs are just magic. From making me ball every time I hear the Titanic song to Because You Loved Me, this Canadian can get it done.

Best Use of Odd Vocals: The Cranberries

Pride of Ireland, The Cranberries can do it all. From Linger to Dreams and Zombie, their talent is on display always. The chorus of Zombie is where I get the odd vocals idea. Who thinks of singing like that?

Best Lame Ass White Rap Group: Crazy Town

Butterfly. I love this song, but I can’t watch the video without laughing at how lame all these guys are.

Best Band for Grade School Dances: K-Ci & JoJo

All My Life makes me think of slow dances and just the absolute uncertainty on how close I can get to touching a girl’s booty during them. Oh gotta love those awkward times.

Best Christian Band: Creed

I admit it. I liked them. Now they are probably the funnest band to make fun of behind Nickleback, but Higher was my jam.

Best R&B Song: Say My Name – Destiny’s Child

Maybe the best song of the 90’s. I remember this song was big on the countdown for a little bit, then it disappeared, only to just absolutely explode everywhere. One of the oddest verses with all the stops and starts, which makes it amazing. Great video with all the colors too.

Best Use of Profanities: Eamon – Fuck It

I’ve never had a bad break up, but if I had, this song would be the most played on my iTunes. Just a sad angry dude yelling about a girl. Gotta love it.

Best Song About a Color: Eiffel 65 – Blue

Heard this song at a club in Dublin this summer, and it was amazing still. Kinda like “Who let the dogs out?” in that it just baffles me how this song was every popular. But I’m so glad it was, cus it’s awesome.

So there’s part 1 of my picks for the best of 90’s music.

Agree or not (you probably don’t), that is what I think I think.

Top 10 Disney Songs

Upon request by Brent Johnson, here are my Top 10 Disney songs. It started out as a top 5, but I couldn’t do it… need 10 spots. People like to say “they don’t make them like they used to” all the time, but that for sure holds true with Disney animated movies. The new Pixar ones are great, but there’s one thing they are lacking: MUSIC. Toy Story 3 has great music, but none of the characters bust out in song anymore.  I’ll take ye back to the good ol’ days with flying carpets, blue-butted-baboons and, of course, cross dressing.

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10. You’ll Be in My HeartTarzan

An Oscar winning song coming in at number 10. This is how just amazing this list is. I did not see all of Tarzan (I know, I know), but this song is definitely worthy of recognition.

9. Under the SeaLittle Mermaid

You can’t help singing along to this song. Ursula is one of the most evil Disney villans, and all the characters round out this movie to make it a true classic. All it needs is a winning tune and here it is, taking home the Oscar for best song (beating out Kiss the Girl) and helping the flick win best overall score.

8. Hakuna MatataLion King

It ain’t no passing craze, and 15 years later they were right. This Oscar nominated tune is the ultimate feel good Disney song rounding out my favorite Disney movie.

7. Colors of The WindPocahontas

It was a toss up between this one and “Just Around the River Bend,” but I have to go with colors. I watched this movie so much as a kid and could possibly be my biggest guilty pleasure today. It took home best overall music at the Oscars while this captured best song.  This movie is so much better than the 2009 3D re-make by James Cameron.

6. A Whole New World – Aladdin

Although I probably watched the second sequel “King of Thieves” more than the original, this song is an absolute classic. Jasmine is by far the hottest Disney princess. Is that weird to say? Anyway, Aladdin is a lucky dude.

You have to watch this video. Amazing. Home boy sings both Aladdin and Jasmines part perfectly.

5. I’ll Make a Man Out of YouMulan

This is the cross-dressing reference, if you didn’t already get it. Mulan was a decent movie. It is the typical story of a girl dressing as a guy to compete with the boys (Motocrossed, She’s the Man), but then again, most Disney stories can be considered typical. The fact is when Disney does it, they do it better than anyone. And the music just adds to the magic. The movie was nominated for best music in 1999 (surprise, surprise). This song makes me want to jump on the hockey rink and hit someone.

4. Can You Feel the Love TonightLion King

I actually feel horrible putting this so low, but the quality of this list is just that good. It took home the Oscar for best song in 1994. If I found my long lost love in a jungle and was about to go steal my kingdom back from my evil deformed uncle, this song would be playing. This is such a beautiful scene and the whole movie seems more like poetry in motion. Be sure to watch the video link, it’s an actual music video with Elton and all.

3.Strangers Like Me – Tarzan

Okay, so I’ve only seen half of this movie. But Phil Collins voice just screams drama and inspiration. Tarzan won the Academy Award for best song in 2000. It was for You’ll Be in My Heart, not this one, but I like this one better. Really makes me think about life and the meaning of it. Aren’t we all just strangers?

2. Go the DistanceHercules

Maybe my second favorite Disney movie, Hercules, is often overlooked. This movie had it all: good music (this one, Zero to Hero, I Won’t Say I’m in Love), amazing plot line, great character development, and a 3 headed monster. Yet again, this song was nominated for best song at the 1997 Oscars. If you think “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” is inspiring, try this one. I just applied for 4 internships after listening to it.

1. Circle of Life – The Lion King

Every time you hear this song, you picture the African sun coming up beyond the horizon. You can’t help it. Elton John is the perfect person to do this soundtrack. Circle, Can You Feel the Love Tonight, and Hakuna Matata were all nominated in 1995 for best song. Of course my number 4 won it, along with the film taking home best overall music.  This is the ultimate Disney song in the ultimate Disney movie. I can listen to the soundtrack and feel the intensity of every scene. This movie still holds up after 15 years. It’s easily my favorite Disney movie, and this song gets me pumped up every single time I watch it.

Makes me want to throw it all away and move to Congo.

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So there you have it. Agree or not (you probably don’t), this is what I think I think.

Top 5 Most Overrated Movies

I like to try to be a film buff. I don’t think I’m anywhere close to being one, but maybe one day. I listen to about 5 movie podcasts. Scene Unseen (discontinued) was by far my favorite. But I also like the Film Vault, Doug Loves Movies, Slash Film, and Movies You Should See. Film Vault and Doug are the ones I like the most, now that Scene Unseen is no more. In the Film Vault, two dudes come up with top 5 categories and talk about them. They have done ones such as top 5 Remakes, badass bitches, war films, villans, etc. Next on my queue is “Top 5 Overrated Movies.” I decided to  give it a shot before they tackle the subject. Here are mine.

REMEMBER: There is a difference for me in a movie being overrated and it downright sucking. Only 2 of these movies I didn’t like, the rest I enjoyed. They just do not deserve anywhere near the recognition that it got.

5. Scarface.

I know I’m going to catch a lot of crap for this, but I just did not enjoy the movie. I have only seen it once, and it was very late in my movie career (last year), but maybe I had too high of expectations. Maybe I’ve seen the exact same gangster film story played over and over and over again (e.g. Blow, Goodfellas, Casino, to name just a few). Gangster gets too rich, too high on is own supply, and can’t keep it together. Al Pacino to me is an extremely overrated actor. He just yelled a lot and had weird looks on his face like he thought he was a badass. I do appreciate the “Say hello to my little friend” line. I love saying it whenever possible, but I think this is one of those movies that every guy likes because every guy thinks they are supposed to like it. Everyone thinks having the poster in your room makes you an automatic badass. I’ll give it another try, but not agreeing the legendary status that it has.


4. The Godfather

I appreciate what it did for the genre of gangster movies. I get it. It’s just so slow. Maybe the most accurate portrayal of the mob (like I know), but speed it up a little bit to keep my eyes open. If you’re number 2 on IMDb all time, I should have the desire to watch you more than twice.

Guilty, quote this line all the time too.

3. District 9

Probably is the Sci-Fi genre I dont like, but this one was worshiped by all my podcasters. A best picture nominee along with it? Wasn’t understanding. Mediocre acting at best. I guess a story that’s somewhat believable, but not to me. And setting in Johannesberg was a poor choice I think. Set a movie about putting a species into slums and separation in a city that has had extreme racial segregation problems for years. Smart.

cat food and tires… random

2. Chicago

Chicago is a 2002 musical with Renee Zellweger, Richard Gere, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and John C. Reilly. This film could be in the category of ones that I hated. This film was nominated for (count them) 13 Oscars. That puts it tied for second all time along Gone With the Wind, Forrest Gump, Fellowship of the Ring, and Mary Poppins (among others). It won 6 of them including best picture! It beat out Gangs of New York, which was nominated for 10 (including best picture as well) and didn’t win any! The bottom line is that musicals and courtroom dramas don’t mix for me.

Renee Zellweger already has the worst spoken voice in hollywood, now she’s singing… or is she?

1. Avatar

Thank the good lord it did not win best picture last year. This movie is literally a better looking Pocahontas. Actally, I liked Pocahontas better. Awesome music in that movie. Back to Avatar. Supporting actor as the weird loser from Dodgeball and Grandma’s Boy? Okay like I can take him seriously. “Adios, Turd Nuggets.” Also, I’m not sure I’m on the 3D bandwagon. After the cool intro where the “Dolby Digital” pops out at you and your like WOW COOL, it was nothing. It added to the movie at all. You simply got used to it after 20 minutes and then it was nothing. People like 3D because they are told to like 3D. Visuals aside, it’s an extremely predictable white-man-is-the-enemy story that has been done millions of times (Pocahontas, Dances With Wolves, I could go on and on) with horrible acting. I’ll give 3D another chance and we’ll see about that then, but when it comes to Avatar, I’m fine if don’t see it for a second time. I’ll save an hour and a half and creepy blue people and watch Pocahontas.

Update: Saw Toy Story 3D. Still don’t particularly like the third dimension added.

I’m just waiting for Elton John to come in with “Can You Feel The Love Tonight.”

So there it is. Agree or not (you probably don’t), this is what I Think I Think.